Most asked questions

How can I use Lyzi?
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    Download the app
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    Make your first payment in € via SEPA transfer
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    Buy your first cryptos
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    Pay with your cryptos: Simply enter the amount in euros on the app, and it will indicate the equivalent that will be debited to you in crypto-currencies, as well as the amount of the transaction fees.
How can I find merchants?
Thanks to the geolocation function called "Explore", you'll be able to find merchants listed on Lyzi quickly.
Are there any transaction fees?
Transaction fees of 1-3% are charged on every purchase. However, you benefit from a cashback of between 0.5% and 2% on all purchases.
There are no transaction fees for merchants.
Why should I use Lyzi?
The advantage is that you can pay directly with their cryptocurrencies at the point of sale, without first having to convert them into €. What's more, each of your purchases via the application generates up to 2% cashback on your total in-store basket.
For merchants, the advantage is to open your payment methods to a growing population of crypto holders that wait to use their crypto in the real economy without paying a dime. Your customers pay in crypto but you receive €
What's the amount of cashback I can receive for each purchase?
Each time you make a purchase, you'll receive 0.5 to 2% cashback.
Where can I buy and sell crypto?
You can buy and sell crypto-currencies as soon as you have completed your KYC Level 1 and it has been validated on your exchange wallet. Electronic signature is also mandatory.
How to use the Lyzi app?
💥 Step 1 👉 Create an account or log in to your existing account.
💥 Step 2 👉 Tap on the Lyzi logo at the bottom of the screen and connect your Binance account. If you don't see the Binance logo, it means you are already connected. 🔥
💥 Step 3 👉 Browse the Lyzi explorer and easily find a merchant near you.
💥 Step 4 👉 Once at the store, tap on "Pay" and enter the euro amount of your purchases.
💥 Step 5 👉 Let the merchant scan the QR code generated by the app.
💥 Step 6 👉 Select one of the available cryptocurrencies in your Binance account to complete the payment.
💥 Step 7 👉 Enter your Binance PIN code, and voilà! 🚀
🎯 Discover all the features of our app 👉 https://youtu.be/fy0MOu40cs8​
Where can I find the price of the $LYZI token?
The price of the $LYZI token is available on CoinGecko 👉 https://www.coingecko.com/fr/pi%C3%A8ces/lyzi​
How to buy $LYZI tokens on Quipuswap?
💥 Step 1: Go to Quipuswap 👉 https://quipuswap.com/​
💥 Step 2: Connect your Tezos wallet
💥 Step 3: Add the $LYZI token to your wallet 👉 https://youtu.be/9vMGM5-qCdQ​
💥 Step 4: Add XTZ or TEZ to your wallet
💥 Step 5: Swap your Tezos for $LYZI (keep some Tezos for network fees)
🎯 Here's a tutorial to assist you 👉 https://youtu.be/-z3joj_bRGY​
💡 PS: You can also trade $LYZI directly on Temple Wallet or on Plenty Network.
How to claim your $LYZI tokens if you participated in the ICO?
💥 Step 1: Have some XTZ in your wallet
💥 Step 2: Add the $LYZI token to your wallet 👉https://youtu.be/9vMGM5-qCdQ​
💥 Step 3: Visit the dApp 👉 https://dapp.lyzi.fr/vesting​
💥 Step 4: Connect your wallet to the dApp
💥 Step 5: Select the investment period you participated in and click "Release"
💥 Step 6: Confirm the transaction from your wallet
🎯 Here's a tutorial to assist you 👉 https://youtu.be/pzN0uqjlPak​
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