Incentive Program

How Lyzi token will be used to animate our communitie ?

Lyzi Users Referral Program

We aim to bring to our users a global reward program. We’ll offer a juicy bonus (in $LYZI) every time a user recommends our services. Bonus will apply for both sponsor and affiliate. Different bonuses will apply pending if the affiliate is a user or a new onboarded merchant. More than just one-time bonuses, users will also gain recurring commissions on affiliates' trading fees. Bonuses of the referral program are credited to sponsor/affiliate wallets. The affiliates can use their sign-up bonus immediately.

Lyzi Merchants Referral Program

Merchants deploying any of the Lyzi Wallet suite products (Lyzi Pay, Loyalty) receive bonuses via credit voucher or in $LYZI token. We aim to drive mechanic and organic growth in our product suite through our Tokenomics (please check πŸ“Š Tokenomics) and our referral program.

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