Tokenomics mechanisms

ICO phases

The price of the token during the private sale is 0.04€, it will be 0.08€ during the public 1 and 0.12€ for the public 2.

How tokenomics works?

Each transaction made through the Lyzi payment application will be charged 0.80% to 3% transaction fee. These percentages may change at Lyzi’s discretion depending on the business and agreements with partners.

Collected fees will fueled tokenomics as follows :

👉 80% to Lyzi :

• 75% is sent to the Vault • 25% is sent to Lyzi’s Cashflow

👉 20% to the community :

• 50% are burned when the supply is > 500 M

• 50% are pushed in Incentive reserve (Staking, Cashback, Loyalty)

When supply is <500 M, then the burn table above applies and the burn % change according number of weekly transactions.

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