Who are we ?

Here is the PDF version of our White paper:

LYZI Wallet is creating a utility token to engage its community around financial services, payment & loyalty 3.0 & one inclusive lifestyle APP with blockchain services.

We are carrying a unique vision around crypto evangelization and wish to bring to the market a global utility token called $Lyzi to be used in our ecosystem.

Our token aims to encourage the community with rewards and incentives and brings high value to crypto payment and financial services.

We want to deploy the $LYZI token within our product suite natively based on Tezos blockchain at first and build afterwards strong multichain bridges with Ethereum protocol, BNB Chain, and many other well-known blockchain protocols.

We intend to generalize the use of the $LYZI token for financial services, payment purposes, cashback, discounts on partners' platforms as well as on-chain incentives in the growing DEFI environment. Lyzi is a crypto Lifestyle APP enabling users to make crypto payments & trade their favorite digital assets.

Lyzi provides exclusive loyalty & cashback features for independent merchants & retailers online and offline but also loyalty token swaps or conversion into crypto.

The wallet is plugged with fully regulated exchanges for custody & broking purposes. Our ambition is to unlock value across asset types & crypto payment in the new digital economy.

LYZI was born from the merger of Fidly (loyalty on-chain solution) and the buyout of Easy Wallet (Tezos built crypto payment wallet) in 2021 from Global POS.

Global POS is a point-of-sale software publisher, in the market for more than 15 years, developing as well an acceptance app (Easy2Play) for SMB’s (used in 27.000 PoS).

Lyzi is plugged into EasytoPlay network and gives the opportunity for brands to accept crypto payments directly via merchant POS.

While Lyzi initially targeted the European market, the solution is international in scope. Well-known retailers & brands are already pushing the project such as the Lugh consortium, Arthurimmo.com (French real estate with more than 450 agencies), Beaugrenelle Mall center, and many more independent merchants, franchise networks, and retailers (online & offline).

Lyzi develops global exchange partnerships in each geographical area, to target every crypto user willing to use its crypto in real life!

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