We will buy back $Lyzi Token

Each time a payment is made, lyzi collects fees in the chosen payment asset.

EX : I pay for my burger 20€ in BTC 0,000062 // 0.80 to 3% fees will be collected in BTC on top of that.

When a payment is made in one of the crypto currencies accepted by Lyzi, admin will be offered 2 choices :

πŸ‘‰ Convert collected fees in $LYZI token.

πŸ‘‰ Keep the assets used for payment.

In our tokenomics 80% of collected fees are made to fuel Lyzi cash flow. The remaining 20% are redistributed to the community.

These buyback percentages are not fixed and are likely to change depending on market conditions, the buyback may also change from time to time during one-off marketing events (in partnership with brands for example) to promote the adoption of the token and crypto payment.

These adjustements will always be made in the interest of the token and the community.

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