⛓️Technical vision

Blockchain we are using. Why and where we are going ?
In order to reach its objectives of bridging crypto with the brick-and-mortar consumer world, the $LYZI leverages a variety of technologies.
We have set up over the years a fully integrated interaction with both account and financial services (Tezos chain, EVM/ERC20, BNB Chain)
The creation of the $LYZI Token inherit from our experience which is why, defined by our set of constraints we will perform our token generation event (TGE) over Tezos, a protocol project that has learnt and improved over its competitors, was built specifically to offer better security (learning from ERC20 mistakes), formal verification for smart contract code, self-amending system and taking into account the vast subject of migration by separating logic and data store.
All of these make it the prime choice for our TGE.
It provides better power consumption using an LPoS consensus mechanism allowing a far better energy efficiency, and an ability to provide a faster pace of update with the implementation of self-amending governance to avoid hard forks while outperforming Ethereum protocol in speed, security and cost of usage.
With those technical considerations and the fact that it’s deeply anchored into the European and French industrial and corporate ecosystem (Exaion, French Gendarmerie,...) and along its vast and growing worldwide ecosystem, Tezos clearly offers the best choice for the $LYZI token.
Under such an environment, we are able to provide $LYZI in a usable, evolving and forward-thinking environment under a ridiculously low ecological and economical environment with a transaction fee orbiting around a cent of a dollar.
With the interoperability proposed in the crypto ecosystem, such a decision will not make $LYZI stuck on a specific blockchain, but will instead work as a main source of truth for the total supply.
Additionally, to build $LYZI on Tezos, we plan to join the Tezos baker community, as such, we will be able to be part of the network security and future evolution.
The implementation of $LYZI token, follows the TZIP-12 standard (FA 2.0), and therefore will provide, among other possibilities, easy access to the indexed holder’s balance information directly from the big map store (ledger)property.
In order to connect Tezos, Mariposa and external various chains, R&D will be conducted to prepare the eventuality of a bridge system in order to ensure $LYZI is usable in various environments. This first set is deeply integrated on our internal system, for instance.
This internal system is also entangled with the account network in order to bring users the ability to have a payment account with a French IBAN and debit card, pushing the integration of real-world and crypto world to a complete convolution through the LYZI ecosystem.
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