Lyzi Pay

How Lyzi Pay Works ?

1. For Users: Low fees - Security - Cashback

πŸ›’ Spend your crypto everywhere on behalf of Digital payment and heavy partnerships with fully regulated exchanges. Enjoy 1 to 5% cashback on behalf of $LYZI token.

πŸ“² Pay with your cryptocurrencies and enjoy payment features with the fastest & cheapest transaction fees and low cross-border transaction friction for all types of retailers (online and offline).

🦺 Our solutions highly respect security and safety standards, since we are partnered only with fully AML-regulated (Anti-money laundering) exchanges (FR PSAN / EU MICA etc.). Business owners are KYB-secured and users are KYC-secured as well.

πŸ“Š We handle KYT compliance as well. $LYZI token is a β€œcore” token in our ecosystem giving the opportunity to our partners (merchants & consumers) to gain an exclusive advantage in their market field by accepting cryptocurrency payment

2. For Brands

Develop a new innovative customer channel at a low-cost thanks to Lyzi Online & Offline. Lyzi Pay is a unique opportunity to attract new customers: crypto holders, with a strong purchasing power.

Merchants can access their own Lyzi back office, to track transactions and FIAT settlements with embedded data export.

Lyzi Pay for brands and retailers is the solution to quickly accept crypto payments. Crypto payment acceptance can be done in three different ways:

1️⃣ Direct: A merchant creates his Lyzi account and scans customers' QR codes on behalf of our Lyzi Pro Scan app 2️⃣ Indirect: Lyzi network is plugged to +60k POS on behalf of EasytoPlay & Lyf Pay as well as payment terminals. 3️⃣ E-commerce plugins: Use for your e-commerce Lyzi plugins (Available Woocommerce or integrate our dedicated API universal).

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